My aesthetic is a balanced mixture of styled photography and organic lifestyle imagery. During our initial consultation, I work with my clients to schedule a session that will reflect both my clients' unique personalities and my own vision. Everything from our location, what to wear, special milestones to capture, and naps to work around is discussed to give us the best light and smiles to work with.  I approach our photography session much like I'm being invited to a playdate with your family... in your home or one of many diverse outdoor locations, we will enjoy each other's company in beautiful light while I photograph the authentic love you have for one another.  I love what I do because it's as fun as it sounds. Lucky me!


What is lifestyle family photography?
This style of photography is simply you, your family, in your space, enjoying that which makes you happy. It's taking the overly formal portrait and forced poses out a photography session and instead taking the time to capture you honestly, in all that you love. I will visit with you, laugh with you, and cuddle your children all the while capturing the real engagements among you and your family. 

What should we wear?
Clothes are an amazing opportunity to add story to your images.  Overall, I want you to be yourselves and I am happy to go over your clothing options in our consultation. For inspiration, feel free to check out my Pinterest board!

Click here for more ideas on what to wear. 

How long will this session last?
Generally an hour or so. It's common to take a little snack break in the middle to give the littles a break to refuel, so that's something I encourage my parents to bring with them 

My kids are busy! Are you able to work with that? 
My favorite, actually! I have many years of teaching and nannying under my belt and that experience has prepared me for this job in more ways than just getting a genuine smile! And something to keep in mind, your family will set the pace of our shoot. If you are silly and playful, those are the images you'll get; if instead you are quiet and cuddly, well, we will cuddle up with my camera. 

How far in advance should I book?
Most seasons I am booked 4-6 weeks out, so it's aways a good idea for allow for at least 4 weeks. For the Holidays, I start booking in the summer, so while it's still hot and sunny, book those fall shoots! 

Do you Travel?
Yes! While I am based in Los Angeles/Orange County, I frequent the Bay Area as well as the Pacific Northwest. If you are out of the area, contact me for possible travel dates to your area.