This moment captured is one of my favorites. The quiet bliss you find in the first few weeks after bringing baby home is nothing short of magical. Documenting your family, comfortably in your own home, loving on your baby, is a true honor. I will bring everything I need to photograph both baby and the family in the best lighting and cozy spaces. All you need to prepare for our session is a few burp clothes, a change of clothes for mom and dad should we need them, and any special keepsakes you'd like to include in your lifestyle newborn bracelets, old family photos, a baptism gown, whatever completes your story, I would love to include. 


What is lifestyle newborn photography?
This style of photography is simply you, your family, in your space, enjoying that which makes you happy. It's taking the overly formal portrait and forced poses out a photography session and taking the time to capture you honestly, in all that you love. I will visit with you, laugh with you, and cuddle your children all the while capturing the real engagements among you and your family. Your gallery will include your baby's space, their yawns, mom and dad both attempting to change baby...the things that make this newness real and beautiful. 

What should baby wear? What should we wear?
Baby should be just diapered when I arrive, I'm happy to go over clothing options once I arrive, but for the most part, baby will be in comfortable clothing or in just a diaper. The rest of the family's attire I like to take case by case, but usually nothing too formal. I like you to be comfortable in your home sitting or standing in things that fit the cozy narrative of cuddling with your baby.

How long will this session last?
As long as it takes, but generally two hours or so. We take plenty of breaks for baby to eat, be changed and drift off to sleep. I allow a large block of time for each shoot, should the session go longer than two hours. I don't ever want to rush these session, and want to you enjoy them! 

When is the best time to capture baby?
The first 10 days are ideal for a sleepy baby, but because this is more of a lifestyle session and elaborate posing and positioning is not something we do much of, waiting longer is just fine.