...make time.

Free time - a reward for good behavior in days past - a rare commodity today. I have always relished my time to myself (who doesn't!?) and lately I just can't ever manage to find the time to dig in. My kind of digging involves a mixture of art projects, threats to paint my office yet again, and cooking up a storm. My mother and grandmother breathe life into a home and nurture their free time in a way I've tried desperately to mimic in my own four walls. As of late, I've been feeling as though I've failed here. My meals are looking so sad and pathetic I gobble them down quickly as to not offend my eyes! My house is missing the 'Lyndsey piles' of projects I swear I'll get back to but don't. I am somehow comforted by their half baked presence and they make me feel full of possibility. Without them I feel a bit stale, and this just wont do!

So, last night, I pulled myself away from editing, and decided to make dinner. I LOVE to cook, and was quickly pulled into the familiar kitchen dance of chopping, tasting, sauteing and shakin' these hips to some jazz. Of course the light was gorgeous, of course I grabbed my camera, and of course I failed to turn work (all the way) off. Then, I had an Ah Ha! moment: I'm doing it, I'm doing it all...right now! The free time, the work, the love...all of it. Each of these things are here, waiting for me to pump the breaks and enjoy them...like a good 'Lyndsey pile'. Thank you mama and gama for inspiring me to stop and give my soul a big fat squeeze. I love you both so!