The Gustafson Family

This is the house she grew up in. Where she dreamed of 
the life she would have, the love she might find
the woman she hoped to be.

And years later here is she, with everything she 
ever wanted.

A husband, father, friend that loves her
and their children.

A little boy and baby girl that are the light
of their lives.

Nicholas is amazing.
He loves cars
and a delightful gang of penguins
that rock up and down a little icecap singing
the sweetest sound (* wa, wa wa wa...) to
name a few.

he loves to laugh with his daddy

...snuggle with his mommy.

And he adores his Grammie.

The Gustafsons

Hello baby Ella!

Isn't she the cutest!!

I can't wait to see who you are little
Ella girl!

I am lucky to know you all and even more lucky to 
call you friends. 
Congratulations on the arrival of little Ella
and I love you all to bits!