...a little ditty about Rachel and Adam...

Congratulations Rachel and Adam!!!

Rachel and I grew up together. We shared clothes, boys, and passed notes as we bloomed into women. We drove her mother crazy with her Elton John record that we would boogie about her attic bedroom; and roar in fits of laughter at one another. We drove my mother crazy simply because we never ate enough  ; ) 
Rachel came down to Long Beach a few years ago with her new beau, Adam. I was in heaven visiting with this long lost friend and seeing her with someone that made her so obviously happy! I liked him right away, he is easy going, charming, and every other word out of his mouth is a laugh.
Perfect for Rachel.

I was so pleased to be able to spend a dreary NW afternoon with the two of you love birds. You are an incredible couple...and Bailey is soooo adorable! Consider yourselves lucky that I didn't nab that little puff ball of yours ; ) 

Cheers to all the joy that love will bring you; and may you continue to grow and be happy in love.