Polaroid, projects, and peas...

For the holidays my grandmother gifted me a book that I "inhaled" as 
she inscribed I would...
A Homemade Life
by Molly Wizenberg

A charming memoir about a girl, food, family and  how she made all
of them work for her as a J-O-B. In the book she starts by sharing
where the tale takes professional root:


A food blog full of hearthy warmth, stories from her family's kitchen and her growth along the way. I was looking at her blog the other day, and was pleased to see some stunning food photography...on POLAROIDS! 

I'm in a bit of a Polaroid kick these days, having just designed a polaroid save the date for my dear friends Brian and Ashley myself, 
I felt inspired to take on my own polaroid love.

For 2011's photo project, I have decided to create a collection of
polaroids as the months go by. Super simple, no real big meaning
lying around anywhere...just life as it is. I feel like we never really know what the big meanings are till time gifts us 
perspective to see it anyhow...so here we are:

January 2011

*Burbank hills, CA

This will be my homage to keeping it simple this year. Being present 
is the new multi-tasking ; )

“A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.”
- Maya Angelou

Cheers to keeping it real, polaroids, and of course,
Ms. Angelou.