Hen and his Mimi

There is something truly incredible about watching my son and my mother together. Little noises and faces she makes that remind me of my childhood, this quiet patience that I see in them that I feel like an outsider to, bearing witness to something that really has nothing and yet everything to do with me, is amazing.

 If you have ever had the pleasure of enjoying the magic that is a grandmother, then you get it...if you have been here, in my shoes, as a new mom reliving a little piece of history made better, then you get it. Mimi is a true favorite, and one that will only become more beloved as time goes on. Cheers to grammies everywhere, they are really the best ( I love you Gram and Grandma Chris ).

Early morning snuggles with Mimi.

Hen is SUPER excited to go to the farmers market ( just one of the two we went to while she was here...she LOVES her some farmers markets!) 

 We both brought our cameras and sipped coffee, snapped some photos and took turns dodging under bright tents full of all the bounty that Southern California has to offer.

Too much fun for this guy...

A little music makes my boy so happy! 

We love you Mimi! Come back soon!