Elizabeth Rose Gustafson

Jessica and I used to dream about who we would be when we grew up. We would paint these future lives for ourselves where she would be a teacher, and I would be a singer. We would marry best friends like ourselves, and live next door to one another; barbecuing every weekend. Life took us down somewhat different paths in which the only backyard we share is the Pacific ocean...but we have remained as close today as we were as young girls. We said we would be there for the birth of one another's children; and when Nicholas Alan was born a few weeks after my wedding in 2008 we celebrated those milestones over the phone in the way we have grown used to.

When she and her hubby, Jeff, found out they were expecting baby #2 I was determined not to miss it. I hovered around my phone for weeks throughout the end of August and beginning of September ready to jump on a plane to join her for this incredible blessing. Baby teased us for weeks until finally, on September 15th, 2010 at 11:59am, she finally arrived. A quick labor and two happy
parents = Elizabeth Rose, Ella they called her.

A pink rose bud for a mouth, long spidery fingers, eyes like a kitten, roaming and alert, a cluster of dark curls matted to her little head and a pair of long elegant legs...Ella was born. She wont remember everyone's shock at her quick appearance, the smile on her daddy's face as he called loved ones to share that his daughter was here, the way she looked at her mother for the first time comforted by a voice she knew better than her own name, or the snotty shaking auntie that took photograph after photograph of her beauty...but we will.Always.

Congratulations to Jessica, Jeff and big brother, Nicholas! She is a beautiful baby girl, and thank you for letting me be there to bask in your happiness. Auntie Dee Dee loves her little Gustafson kiddies to the moon and back!

Soon I will post Ella's birth story photos for everyone to enjoy! Love to you all!!!