Keith and Lynds have a plus one!

This January I was tired, realllly tired. But who isn't? January marks the organizing of a new year, the coming down from the holidays, and for me, a big breath of air after a busy work season. But there was something more to this fatigue; we soon discovered I wasn't only making room for 2011, but our first child. 
Time stood still that day. We made breakfast with dumb grins slapped across our faces, watched each other with new wonder and love, and mostly, attempted to wrap our heads around the world we just fell into.

Keith and Lyndsey are having a baby.

My first trimester was no walk in the park. I had these mother earth kind of expectations...funny, how in the WORLD could I assume to know what all this might be like!? 
I was nauseous all the time, I slept like a bear, and when possible lived in my tub with oranges to snack on and books to read. I cried a lot too...mostly happy tears sprung from random TV commercials, music on the radio, or when I'd get off the phone with friends and family I miss terribly. Please don't get me wrong...under it all was a wash of excitement and a happiness that I could conceivably drown in. But again, I was not expecting the roll tide of emotions that marked this glorious step in our lives.

 I watched my tummy in the mirror like a hawk, waiting for some indication that someone was making a nice cozy home in there...but nothing. 

Then one morning I woke up and didn't need to put my head in the toilet. In fact, I felt like I could run around the block a few times!! I padded to the bathroom and BAM, there it was: baby Yeomans was starting to show. What a blessing week 13 was.

We are now at 16 weeks, and what everyone says is true: the second trimester is heaven. I can eat, work out, have a social life again, and enjoy the new found vigor Keith and I share in renovating every inch of our four walls. We are almost half way there and that much closer to meeting our little, life really is amazing.

To be continued...


* Also, a very BIG thank you to all of my clients who patiently rode the sick wave with me : ) You are all the absolute best, and I can't thank you enough!