Henry is 6 months!

Prior to this, 6 months was nothing. A length of time between hair cuts, the waiting period between visits back home, how long it might take me to get through a pack of gum. Merely small incidents that dotted my years and counted my seasons. But yesterday marked the fastest and most incredible 6 months of my life. This boy, this rudy faced little baby is morphing into something else entirely right before my eyes. I can see the careful stare and gentle hand of a man in him emerging more and more each day. I find myself wondering how long each blessed ritual will last as I squeeze the water from his favorite frog bath sponge. I hope and pray every night that I'd done good by him, that I taught him something new, kissed him enough, praised him enough, loved him enough...for 6 months, 6 short months, and yet - parts of me are frozen. I physically have to remind myself that I didn't 'JUST' have a baby. That life is rolling along in other areas, and that they too need tending (like my eyebrows for crying out loud!).

6 months. Half a year, gone. Each detail collected within him, molding him, making him more or less of the things that he will grow to be. All day I found myself catching my breath at how incredible it is, and how lucky I am. 

6 Months...

Happy half birthday my darling boy. You are truly my everything.

The ground dropped out from underneath me on the day you were born.  The world disappeared into a blur, a distant hum.  You are my only focus.  My greatest joy.  You are the love of my life.  My best six months.  I love you, Henry.  


I love you, boy.

Henry, 6 weeks.