...a little story, about Paul and Leanne...

First, I must apologize. This post is ridiculously long. A) I'm clearly excited to dust off the blog here, and B) this shoot was all kinds of fun.

I met these two talented kids when I was trying to hunt down someone who would take my family photos using film. Some pals had used them for their wedding, I checked them out and was hooked. Paul and Leanne are the incredible married minds behind Sargeant Photography . Our family photos from the session they did for us are so so beautiful and I am filling my home with them! 

In need of some lifestyle photos themselves, they asked if I wouldn't mind returning the favor with a day in the life kind of flair. I dig (dug?) it.

I hope by browsing through these 10 million photos (only a portion of the lot...like I said, it was all kind of fun), you will see them and get to know their honest, endearing and lovely selves a little better...if so, I did my job.

Me: arch into one another....
 smarty pants.