Give Thanks Session Giveaway winner!!

I did this giveaway to spread the feel good feeing, and this part makes me feel a little terrible. All 36 entries are a mother's shared pride and joy, her triumph and struggle, and her grace and blessings. I read and re-read these beautiful letters and could see a little of me in each of them. A common humor, a similar path, a focus on what matters most in my home, my babies...and I realized how alike we all are. That unlike most shared experiences, this one common thread ties us so similarly akin that most other things do not matter. And so, in light of this connectedness,  I've decided that every mother that entered must be thanked for sharing herself so personally; each of them will receive a discounted mini session for taking the time to write, and for letting me into their precious world. It's the most feel good I've felt through this whole giveaway, and that's what it's all about. 


And for the full session winner : Stephanie Morgan, I am so happy that you entered and even more excited to meet you, your darling husband and those two sweet kiddos. Your story has been on my mind since the day you wrote me. What an incredible momma you are and how lucky your little ones are to have you. I am looking forward to our session to get to know you all better, and to also meet your brother and sister in law! I wish for you many blessings this holiday season and will see you in the new year! 

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Entry mini session recipients:

Your session info will be organized after the hoidays in the new year. Those details and more will be discussed via email. Thank you, each of you, for sharing. It's touched me more than I can say. THANK YOU.  

xx, Lyndsey