Jack and Lola Session Giveaway!

November is a month for giving thanks, so to thank you, I'm giving away a free session!


I am really feeling the fortune of wonderful people and clients in my life right now and am thrilled to offer a session to a loving family who is excited to capture the people they are most thankful for this holiday season. 

To be considered, please send me an email (link in my contact page on this site), detailing a little bit about you and your family as well as:

1) Your location

2) Who are you as a family, what would you say defines you, what are you thankful for? (not to be answered exactly in that order, but share yourselves with me on a deeper level. I am really looking to connect with someone and share in celebrating the special people in their lives.)  

3) One other family you'd like to nominate for a mini session  (That's right, I'm giving away a full family session as well as a mini session to someone you are thankful for! ) and why. 

4) Follow me on Instagram, handle:  Lyndseyyo and Jack & Lola Photography on Facebook 

The session will last about an hour and a half and include a CD of your edited images. I will choose a family and their nominated mini session family on the 24th of November. The session will be scheduled after the new year at the convenience of the family and myself. SO looking forward to meeting some new people and spreading the fortune of celebrating family! 

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