Our happy news this holiday season

There are no words for how over the moon excited we are to be expecting our second child. 

More than anything, both Keith and I are most excited to be giving Henry the best gift our parents ever gave us...a sibling. We are blessed each with an amazing sister who are incredible aunties as well ;) They share more than just our childhood, they share every bump, every heartache, each triumph and mistake, every fender bender, and every adventure...they watch us write the story that is our life through the eyes of our equal. The truest friend we'll every have. 

To everyone who loves us, who loves Hen and has joined us on this journey, we are so blessed to know you and are thrilled you'll be along for this one.

And to mention one special person, the artist and dear sweet friend who captured our growing family this holiday season, Christin, I thank you a million times over. You are a true talent and friend. A gem for sure and I am so lucky to know and love you. 



Charla Blue...and Brookie too!

Charla is one of my favorite people. She and her sweetie babe, Brooklyn, are a constant source of joy and inspiration for me and my family. There is a constant flow of good energy that we seem to share, and I have to think that every time she or B steps in front of my camera, it's like a little party - and I always leave thankful I was invited. Brooklyn was one of my first little Jack and Lola muses. She has a way in front of the camera that always has me snapping as fast as my finger will let me and grinning from ear to ear. Truly, and artists daughter. She is a gorgeous little treat with a salt of the earth kinda soul. I just love her!

Charla Blue Photography  was in need of some new photos to go along with her lovely new branding ( check it out...and should be looking to get hitched, she is no doubt, your gal)  and I was beyond pleased to help her with it! 

Here are just a few of her shots from our shoot tonight.

And this is Steven, her adorable brother. He has an amazing gift for putting things in their place. With any eye for space and style, he is a GEM to work with!!!

Charla Blue, a darling photographer with a passion for travel and a heart for all things amore.