The wait is up...

In the early hours of a hot August morning, a boy was born. Round flush cheeks, dark twinkling eyes and a little mouth that looks ready for a kiss...a boy was born. 
Jackie and I have been sharing our journey as new mothers over these past several months, and I've thanked God more than once to have her first at bat status flanking mine ; )

We announced our growing families together with our ecstatic husbands at a dinner party in the winter and watched as our bellies, thick fingernails, and love for food trucks grew side by side, month after month. We have vowed to support one another, watch our boys play together, and keep the other in check for the occasional need of a haircut/shower/changing out of pjs before the evening that will surly become a new part of our lives as we step into motherhood. I love both her and her amazing husband, Rion, and couldn't ask for better parents in training partners for Keith and I. 

After months of planning, little baby Zimmerman decided to join the world today! He is so beautiful and sweet looking, I can't WAIT to get my hands on him. Congratulations to the new mommy and daddy...I can't imagine the love and happiness you must be feeling as you bed down tonight with your darling son. God bless you three. Life is grand, and what a great day to be born!

We love you Zimmerman Family!!!

Auntie Lynds, Uncle Keith, and baby Henry