... a few of my favorite things...

My monogrammed coffee mug~
I was given this mug as a bridesmaid gift at my friend Elizabeth's wedding. I have several mugs, like any true coffee addict, but this one is my all time favorite. I save it for Monday mornings where I can enjoy its weight, and touch for hours while I work. I find myself glancing down at it from time to time, and smiling at it with a cheeky grin, " you are so cute L mug".

Little sparkly things~

I was most likely an undiagnosed hoarder when I was growing up. Among my favorite treasures to squirrel away, were 'gems', or, anything that caught light. When we moved into the house where I spent most of my childhood, the closets were stocked with things the previous owners had left behind. While my parents tore down walls, and remodeled the entire house - the crevasses and cracks left behind were ours to discover. My biggest prize was an old box full of vintage chandelier crystals. I kept the box in my underware drawer; taking it out when I was alone, and adorning my body with the heavy glass gems. After careful placement (using old warped paper clips), I'd lay still on my floor and pretend I was Cleopatra, asleep in her tomb. I wish so badly I still had them...wherever did they go?

Cooking, or in this case - tossing, with lemon~

I. Love. Lemon...
In the summer there are empty glasses all over the house with lemon rings sagging at the bottom, drained of their tart water. I got this delightful habit from my mother, who also shares my obsession for all things lemon. The dish above is a go-to when the house is just too hot for cooking: deconstructed caprese salad sammys...inspired by the movie Julia & Julia (there is a scene where she and her hubby are shoveling them into their mouths * slurp, *smack!). Hail to the citrus, my favorite of the fruits!