Waiting for Ella

There is no words for how I feel about this girl. She is the one I want to have diving contests with; one goofy splash after the other. She is the one I want to share my comic book collection with late at night while reading in my purple room by a dim bedside lamp. She is the one I call first...good or bad. She is the one who has taught me strength and love in ways no other person ever could. She is the one that will never think it's stupid, always think it's funny, and would never let me leave the house looking like that....she is my best friend, my soul sister, and the mother of one of the most incredible little people I've ever had the pleasure of loving, Nicholas.

Come this fall, her family will grow, adding to it a precious baby girl, Elizabeth Rose...Ella for short. When baby Ella is older I will tell her a special story of how we dropped her big brother off at Grammy's and went to the hospital. I will share with her how we all waited the long hours; feeling the pain of her mommy's labor of love. How her daddy knew just what to do, and how auntie Lynney didn't. I will tell her how I hid my tears behind my camera, and that I was the first person to take her portrait. Mostly, I will tell her how much we all loved one another - and how it was this joy and love that her mommy and daddy had for one another that made her.
I can't wait to take this journey with you Bell. We may not be next door neighbors and share in weekend BBQ's, but this wish, we will share...the birth of your daughter. Love you to the moon friend, and I can't wait to see you all in the fall. xoxox