The season for thanks...Jack & Lola session giveaway!

The fall gives us many reasons to feel thankful. We see more of our families, we spend more time indoors with those we love, and the season of giving seems to start earlier and earlier every year. Holidays can take on a totally different air for photographers. We are shooting, editing, and designing like crazy, deep into the night and we spend even less time with our families that we are no doubt so thankful for. Last year was different. Henry, being all new and fresh, took me away from the holiday photo scene and I was able to really embrace the family time I usually miss out on...and what a thankful scene it was. Glowing with the new (exhausted but so so happy) mommy role, the blessings were boundless.

This year I feel only a murmur of those days as I hunch over my computer, alone in the dark drinking cold coffee, and pining over my newborn/holiday memories. When the sun rises and I stretch myself to be the best I can be, I sometimes forget to give thanks. This is unexeptable. So when my dear friend's sick son was feeling crummy and I was reminded of what a blessing life is, I felt like a grinch. Ashamed, I gave myself a kick in the butt and started the next day new and thankful; how it ought to be EVERY day of the year.

{ photo by Sargeant Photography }

To pay it forward, I have decided this year I want to give away a FREE family holiday session. However run down I can get with so much to do these fall months, I am busy and THAT is a blessing.  This Fall, I want to take some time to give it back.

How this FREE session giveaway will work, is as follows:

1) Login to Facebook and 'Like' my fan page:

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2) Post 'Free session giveaway' on your page and share the link to this post. (click the 'share' button at the bottom of the post, next to 'comment'  so the post will link to your wall as your status)

The season for thanks...Jack & Lola session giveaway!

3) Send me your entry to:

4) Entry Guidelines:

   This giveaway is meant for a deserving family, defined however you see it fit, but generally someone who could use a big THANK YOU! Write to me, sharing about this special person or family, and why you are excited to nominate them. Cut off date is December 1st, at which time I will choose a winner and announce them both here and on my Facebook Fan page. If you don't have a Facebook page, or are already a fan, please let me know in the beginning of your email ;) The winner should be in LA/Orange County and available for the photoshoot January 7th-14th (if need be, I can be a little flexible on that time frame)...

...and that's not all. For the often unrecognized act of thanking/nominating/praising/acknowledging/and overall gratitude toward someone else, I will offer YOU a free mini session to be used by February of 2013.

Giving feels good don't it? 
Can't wait to read the entrys and to meet the winning family!