The giveaway winner!

When I was younger, my sister and I made a holiday tradition out of waiting for Bill Murray's  holiday movie, Scrooged,  to come on TV. Still to this day is is hands down one of my favorite holiday movies (if you have not yet had the pleasure, do yourself a favor and do so!). After laughing through the meat of the movie, I can't help but cry at the end as the stately clad Solid Gold Dancers flank Frank Cross as he launches into his heartfelt monologue about the joy of giving. This bit of nostalgia hits me every year and as I grow older and have more to be thankful for, inspires in me a need to spread the love during the holidays.

Reading the entries for the years giveaway has been like a little lovin dessert I get every night after I put Henry to sleep and sit down for the nights work. It's amazing to see so many people care so much for others. I'm thankful for each of you taking the time to write and share with me about these special people in your lives. It was hard to choose a winner - so at the end of the day I took the wimpy way out and drew the name from a hat (or a tupperware bowl as the case were). The winner is:

Renee Williams Carlino, nominated by Heather Floyd!! 

So happy to meet you and your adorable boys! Thank you Heather for your heartfelt letter and I can't wait to meet your family as well for your mini session!!!

Contact me this week for session details at:

Can't wait to meet you two ladies and thank you to everyone that participated!!